Realizing Self-Integrity : Overcoming Ignorance through the Beauty of Nature

In recent days I had some experiences of ignorance from some close and reliable friends that made me upset surely. With this write up I will try to explain how the resemblance of flowers inspired me to overcome my situation. I have some plants on my home’s balcony where I spent some time and see every new change in the plants. I’m sharing two of my observations of my balcony plantations:

  • I had a small bamboo bush in my living room. 3 pairs of baby birds grew up in a nest at a branch of that small bush. Young bird just before the day it came out from the nest for trying to fly, I had the photograph of the new pair of birds. It was Bulbuli (Bengali name) birds.
  • In the holy Basil i.e. Tulshi plant in Bengali name, I see flowers frequently. Once I observed the smaller different parts of a very tiny flower that is less than 2 centimeters long. I became very surprised to see the lovely color combinations inside each piece of a 2 cm. long flower. It has a purple branch with yellow circles. The entire branch is bloomed from white leaves. I wondered to watch the lovely color variations of this smallest flower.

My small bush of bamboo could be a strong shelter for the parents’ birds to make a nest and grow up their baby birds, this realization gave me a world of joy. Similarly, we hardly observe the beauty and value them as decorated flowers. Again they bloom in this world ignoring who is caring or seeing them or not.

Another realization of myself was the self-integrity of these two gifts of nature. They just made their own space in this world full of concentration. We the human being distract our concentration on our work. Again Nature is the greatest Teacher to me

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